Dr. Trust spoke very knowledgeably regarding the aura, as she, the Light Scientist, could see the Aura, not only of people but of animals, trees, flowers, vegetables and Atoms.  This God's given Gift was used in the study of / for all the different auras as everything that lives has different atoms and auras of light and of darkness, good and bad, which has to be harnessed or dissolved according to the Law of Light.
    Regarding the aura, Dr. Trust says, "It holds a visible and an invisible light.  It is a subtle invisible emanation from a substance such as the aroma of flowers or the odor of blood, or emanating from an electrified body and forming a mass surrounding it called motion of the air caused by electric repulsion as seen when the air near a charged metallic point is set in motion - a sensation as of a light vapor or cold air rising from the trunk or limbs toward the head, which is then called an aura or a halo light which is seen on the Pictures of Jesus Christ.

                                                                                                        "SOUL AURA" by Dr. Josephine C. Trust
and living things.  Most things have very little magnetism, so the aura of them is very slight - hardly worth noticing.

    Scientists who are only materialists cannot agree what the primary cause of the Aurora Borealis is.  The Aura Scientist years ago, explained to the Professors of the University of New York of the spiritual invisible lights atoms' atmosphere of rainbow colors which come through the visible emanation with a tremendous magnetism to this planet which shows the manifestation of the aura of this earth or planet.  And as all things partake of the chemical nature of the earth, it is natural that all things must be magnetic according to their degree. Although we have and also use the universal magnetic fluid or power for all purposes, it is only in a mechanical sense that we consider it.

    It is considered by all that the limit of electrical power cannot be attained by mechanical means alone, and even though there are countless adoptions originated of mechanical uses of electricity, the world thinks nothing of human electrical and magnetic unit which is tremendous.

    As we begin to know ourselves, we know that our future must be heaven-bound, and that we must create the spiritual inner aura of soul by degrees of light within.  There cannot be guess work or imagination any longer because as we feel our outer aura changing, we feel our outer aura changing, no longer can sickness, fear or worry remain.  Then peace, love and harmony will be within and in our outer aura.

    The inner aura gives you the feeling of humility of surrender to God entirely, and to love Him more and more with all your heart; where the outer aura gives you only the feeling of flesh love, religious emotions and the satisfaction that you are saved . . . We pray: For Thine is the Kingdom, and the Power and the Glory forever, to give all the glory unto God.  So truth is not of words, but in the aura, as it holds our record - good or otherwise - the only record that God will notice here and hereafter.  The outer aura is valueless and has no light; for it cannot attain everlasting consciousness to keep connected with Jesus' Aura, as he said, "I am the light of the world."  He showed by facts for the Apostles saw His Aura of Light.. . . . . . . .

Text above was taken from "Atoms-Aura-Reveals-Secrets" by Dr. Josephine C. Trust.  To see this book and other books by Dr. Josephine C. Trust go to Books.
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  We do not consider the aura of things or the human aura as a phenomenon or miracle - for this would also be said of forms and features - because the aura is just as much a part of the person as the face is.  Let us take the Aurora Borealis as a practical proof of the aura of this planet.  We can then easily, by deduction, arrive at the conclusion that where there is a storage of magnetism, there must be an aura emanating from it; so we humans have an outer and an inner aura emanating from us.

We know that all things that possess magnetism have an aura, and nothing can have magnetism without an atom in atmosphere outside and inside in the human forms, animals
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