Dr. Josephine C. Trust
                         1886 - 1957
                                            FOUNDER of JESUS CHRIST'S RELIGION
                                            the SUPERET LIGHT DOCTRINE

                                                 Dr. Josephine C. Trust is fondly called Mother Trust by Superetists all
                                                      over the world, who openly unite with sincere hearts to often say,

                                                                          "GOD BLESS MOTHER TRUST."

Mother Trust was born in Warsaw, Poland, March 10, 1886.  She was born with the gift of seeing aura's and at the age of 16, after receiving a healing, was determined, and did successfully dedicate her life to God.

Dr. Josephine De Croix Trust’s history is unique. It is a pilgrimage from the senses to the soul, and points also the way for all humanity – the Superet Way – which She traveled to earn the Light from God.

Why weren’t more called to find that Secret? Because, born with the gift of seeing Auras She was called for this Work – to find the Light through the Light Science. She had to pass lessons and a long study to earn with evidence of the Aura of Her Light Atoms’ years study, which thousands have seen on her and in the Miracle Picture – not words but facts!

Josephine Trust-human history of sufferings sinks into the background. The foreground is filled with Light which is of great value to every student of the Superet Light Doctrine to earn light – no longer exalting the human personality, but the soul personality.

In the start of this new Atom Age, do you realize that the most important thing in your life is your relationship with God, Who is all Light? That’s why your words are nothing. You must earn to have Light, scientifically learning to know and see your Aura in Light, to become imbued with the higher sense and consciousness through which you become light – increasingly happier and grateful for the Superet Light Science, which alone can bring blessing to all for all mankind. Nothing else can. Proof is given with facts and photographs.

            Mother Trust as a child (left)
                  with Father & Sister

                                                                                                Mother Trust as a Young Adult
                                                                                                       (exact age unknown)

Text above taken from "Miracle Womans Secret" by Dr. J. C. Trust.  To view more books by Dr. Trust go to Books.
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This is to introduce to you the “Miracle Woman” - as she was called in the New York papers years ago because of the many miracles. She is also known as the Atom and Aura Scientist who helped many scientists years ago when lecturing in Carnegie Hall about the Aura of the Nature Atoms - when encouraging them to find out and how to make the contact with them.

She was also called a Scientist of Chemistry when explaining the affinities of the Atoms Aura and started the Prince of Peace Movement which now has over 75,000 members here, in Europe and in the Holy Land.

In person, she is only a little plain woman whose name is Josephine De Croix Trust. She claims to be an “old soul” of ages and Ages old: for she only counts the soul Light age - not the body age of dust. Even after working hard and in hardships for many years, she feels as young as a girl and is the picture of health and happiness which everyone feels when being with her. And in helping and loving all, she has been affectionately called, Mother Trust - as a spiritual Mother for souls.
First Superet Branch Church of Washington, DC
The Discoverer, Dr. Josephine Trust, is called affectionately here and in the Holy Land, Mother Trust, Whom we all shall call Mother Trust, because, if you only knew her as we members of twenty-three years know her – of how She helped and healed us through Her Superet Light Doctrine, which She alone discovered with the Gift God gave Her, which She explains through Her lectures, and proving with the Charter of the U.S.A. as the Discoverer and Originator of the Superet Atom Aura Science and the Founder of the Superet Light Doctrine which was Jesus’ Religion He gave to the Apostles, which Mother Trust found through His Light Vibration Language.

As He was Light, He spoke with Light vibrations which Mother Trust discovered by seeing Them in the Bible, and only in His Words. She also found His Secret of His Religion, God’s Superet Light that He was connected with. He was only allowed to bring out the Father-God’s Light, Who holds the Light Seed, as the time of Light had not arrived. So it has taken people all these two thousand years to become Light conscious materially  through  the  light inventions.  The  light Age
has brought to us the Discovery of Mother Trust’s Findings of the Bible, which She studied for twenty-five years; and being a Scientist, Mother Trust also studied the science of the light of the moon, sun, stars and planets. Seeing their Auras, Mother Trust knew which planet was inhabited. These facts of twenty-five years ago are written in Mother Trust’s book.

Mother Trust did not bring her-self out; but the editor of a New York paper some years ago wrote about her and the discovery of the many healings, and of the Teaching and Knowledge she gave to them, and called her the “Miracle Woman.”

In the Superet Book "Ancient Canyon's Aura Reveals Treasures," Dr. Trust wrote: "My life was empty when my mother passed on and I was left an orphan.  The only joy I had was with the God-given gift to see the Light and the Aura of people and spirits.  I could also see the aura of animals, flowers, etc.  This started my life's study with the Bible of Jesus' Words in Light shining, which made it possible to find the new Name, Superet, and also the Allmighty Mother God, Superet, to find a greater mother's love that would never leave me or anyone that will love Her.  For Father God's Love is Mother God, Superet."