(As given by Mother Trust)

The Superet Light Doctrine is the highest Teaching of Jesus Christ, which we honor and obey to enter into Eternal Light and to be worthy of the sacred Purple Heart of God. Jesus Christ is Light, and His Religion was Light.

Through the study of the Science of Light, the Atom Aura Scientist, Dr. J. C. Trust, discovered not only the nature Atoms' Aura, but Jesus' Light through the Bible, but only in His Words was the Light Aura visible.

Now in this Superet – the greatest Light Science – it is now proven more so than It was in 1925 when the Aura Scientist lectured and gave It out to the world. No longer can other religions disagree about building Light Atoms through our Human Atoms with a substance that will become Light.

We are chartered as a Christian Religion, and united with all Christian religions in believing in God and Jesus Christ as His only begotten Son of Light. Our Church stands on the Foundation of Jesus Christ's Light through which we develop by stages of Light to come to God's Heart, our Parent, Father and Mother God, Superet.

Everyone that enters into the Superet Brotherhood, enters to follow Jesus' Light and Light Connection, and to earn Light Atoms positively, and will know and feel the Light."

Excerpt from a Sermon given by Dr. Josephine C. Trust, October 13, 1940
"...The Superet Religion stands to serve God.  It is not a man-made or a woman-made religion.  It is made by Jesus. "I am the Light of the world"  He said; He advertised it; His aura was filled with Light; His aura was His Banner.  Our auras have very little light.  We have to go through experiences to earn it.  Many times the aura is deformed with the desires and sins of self-pity, self-love, etc.  There is not a substantial light in our souls because of weaknesses, desires, ambitions, self-will.  We have to learn the lesson not to serve ourself-will.  To serve God, we must have the "single eye" - a single thought - that the "whole body shall be full of light" - to have a "single eye" means : To have God's will developed in all the senses...."
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