Meet Some of the "Old-Timers" that were with Mother Trust


The First Superet Branch Church of Washington, DC follows the teachings of
Dr. Josephine C. Trust who is the founder of Jesus Christ's Religion called the "Superet Light Doctrine."  The Superet Light Doctrine was chartered in the United States in 1926.  Since then Superet Branch Churches have been established world-wide.
Superet Light Center in Los Angeles, California, Founded by Dr. Josephine C. Trust.
(Date of Photo Unknown but probably sometime near 1950)
                   The First Superet Branch Church of Washigton, DC was established in 1963 as a branch of the Holy Superet Light Doctrine Church (also known as Mother Trust's Superet Light Science Foundation).  In 1963 it was originally incorporated as the "Wonderous Almighty Mother God's Light Missionary Center".  Later in 1966 the name was officially changed to the "First Superet Branch Church of Washington, DC.
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Reverend Juan DaCosta,
originally from Panama, Cental America was ordained by Mother Trust in 1955.  He came to America around 1958 and in 1963 founded the First Superet Branch Church of Washington, DC along with 5 other members.  He did much missionary work throughout his life and also taught Superet Atom Aura Science for several years at Howard University.  Rev. Juan was a strong lecturer, missionary and teacher.
Reverend Lyn Becker came to Mother Trust in 1946.  He came to Her suicidal and with brain tumors.  He was healed by Superet Light through Mother Trust and remained healed the rest of his life.  Rev. Lyn was sent by Mother Trust to do missionary work in Nigeria.  Later he also did missionary work with Rev. Juan DaCosta throughout the West Indies, Miami, North Carolina and in Carnegie Hall (New York).
Rev. Terri Atienza (left), originally from the Philippines


Rev. Frank Knox (right) were both with Mother Trust in Los Angeles California.
Rev. Louise "Lou" Love (left and below)
was with Mother Trust in Los Angeles, CA.
She did missionary work and started Superet Churches in Miami, Florida, and North Carolina.  She also visited the Superet Branch Church in Colon, Panama to help in the Superet Work. 

In Mother Trust's final years,
Rev. Lou Love was Mother Trust's nurse.
(Rev. Lyn Becker is seated next
to her - see his story above.)
Rev. Simon Mkpat was the first Superet Minister to be ordained in Nigeria, West Africa.  He is shown here sitting in the robe and scarf sent to him by Mother Trust.

Today, Nigeria has more Superet Churches established than any other country in the world.
Rev. Eddie Gasior (right and below)
was with Mother Trust in Los Angeles, CA.  He played a significant role in converting all the audio recordings of Mother Trust's Lectures and the Superet Music from wire to "reel to reel" and then later to cassette tapes.  Superetists world-wide are grateful for this work.
First Superet Branch Church of Washington, DC
Rev. Margaret Lewis and Rev. Rhoda Buck were sent by Mother Trust in 1957 to ordain Rev. Simon Mkpat in Nigeria, West Africa
Rev. Lois Hodnett and Rev. Warren Hodnett (left) with Rev. Juan DaCosta (right) at Dedication of the First Superet Branch Church of Washington, DC Prayer Garden in 1966.  Rev. Lois was best known for the book "The Guiding Heart" and also known as Mother Trust's secretary.  Rev. Warren was a hard worker for Mother Trust and the Lord Jesus Christ.  He dedicated so much time to the converting of the Superet Sunday Sermons and SAAS Tuesday Lectures from wire to reel to reel.  Superetists world-wide are grateful for this work!