Your aura chart will prove to you just like the mirror does to your face.  Know yourself first.  Always look at Jesus Christ's Aura which will help you wonderfully.  Pray with all your heart.  A clean aura brings dynamic prayers.  The heart cannot pray with the disorders of the aura.  We can hypnotize ourselves into emotions which are only ego, but no light.  Without light in our auras, we cannot become connected with the Light of the world; and we cannot have His Peace.  The Secret is that only through the aura chart can this connection of Jesus Christ's Light Peace be made.

*     *     *     HOW TO MAKE YOUR AURA CHART     *     *     *

Take a large sheet of paper and write down as follows – “In starting to analyze my sins, habits, and weaknesses from my tenth year until now.”  Then write down the deeds, acts, facts committed through the twelve faculties.  Start with:

1.  Mind Sense – what kind of thoughts – if they were leading to good, bad, etc.
2.  Will Sense – positive, wanting always self-will, etc.
3.  Eye Sense – misusing for flattery, enticing others to sin, etc.
4.  Ears Sense – listening to unclean stories, lies, etc.
5.  Nose Sense – sensing for sinful sensations, etc.
6.  Mouth Sense – speaking lies, lustful kisses to entice others, etc.
7.  Heart Sense – self-love power, vanity, etc.
8.  Spirit Sense – living only for self, family, money-love, etc.
9.  Soul Sense – impatient, resentful, dissatisfied, etc.
10. Soul-heart Consciousness Sense – forced, duty-bound to pray, pretending, not feeling love to God, etc.
11.  Ego Sense – (made of emotions of body, spirit) unholy emotions, antagonistic to other religions or people, self-righteous, etc.
12.  Sex organ Sense – loving sex life to satisfy your body desires – married or single you build the same Atoms.

Facts:  The truth proves by its colors which the Aura shows, no matter what your religion is, its what vibration you have lived in.  Atom is Atom, and the chemical only counts that you have created in them – not words.  So be very truthful in writing down those habits, acts, facts, thoughts, etc.  God sees all.

After you have written down all, then count how much of darkness and light you have created in Light Atoms of purity, kindness, mercy, forgiveness, etc., and how many dark Atoms of different colors of red – anger, hatred, jealousy – dark green, resentment – grey brown, etc., of how many black Atoms off livingin lust for years of sex-satisfaction, crimes, robbery, killing, hurting misusing the helpless, etc.

By counting the numbers of all the different Atoms you have created, you cannot fail to know them all by the color meanings, which shows in your Aura.  You will find that if you do this sincerely, your sickness will leave you, etc.  You will prove your repentance by not doing them again.  In the Superet Science, you only confess to God.  When you have finished with your Aura Chart, you burn it.  Do this every month to see if the old habits have returned.

You will find not only a warmth in your mind and heart, but a great peace and freedom.  Often a sudden healing has come which many have reported.  When your Aura becomes clearer, often a gift from God is revealed to you.

You must know your Aura and how to make your Aura Chart for the safety of your Light Atoms: for it depends on its essence of your whole human system and to absolutely straighten out any damage from the dark Atoms.  You must be firm to work for this one point with motives in the senses proving you are conscious of light energy development.

This is your greatest duty in life – to be willing to know yourself and to learn how to apply this Wonder Science; as It is made for your benefit.  Your habits and desires soon change your character.  Fears and worries will disappear, which even your prayers alone could not remove: as this Superet Science comes from God and has the Light Power only.  Nothing else can!

Excerpts taken from "Worlds Aura Discovery" and "Prince of Peace and His Love"
by Dr. Josephine C. Trust; To see these books and other books by Dr. Trust go to Books.

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