(Excerpts from Lectures and Books given by Dr. Josephine C. Trust)

Angels are alive today as they were two thousand years ago when they came to Jesus Christ and gave him the wine.  The angels are coming from Jesus to help us and to bless us and to pray for us again.  Angels are those that God has accepted as angels; they are not self-made by mind or body, but God-made by their giving up their mind and body, and so earned their soul.  Those angels had suffering like we are suffering.  They went through starvation, homeless, sickness, penniless and through all that suffering they believed in God, living the Truth of Jesus Christ.  Not what they thought in their minds, but in their souls they have become angels.  On this earth they started in becoming nothing, and they are today in their beautiful white robes and wings and golden crowns, swaying above.  So they have started by becoming nothing.  They have started the first step of saints.  The one that is becoming nothing in self-will and trying and trying in becoming more nothing and then more nothing in other desires is becoming more and more nothing that leads to a purity of a saintly condition inside - that the angels that are above this sphere are helping those that want to become more nothing, in prayers and blessing them and telling them to keep up - we that are trying to become nothing, worshiping at Jesus' feet, they are coming to us.   We are never alone when we mean it with all our hearts to worship God.  The unseen friends, or angels, are with us to worship God.  This is not imagination or just a dream, but real.  You are not a dream to me, your hearts beating so true that you mean it.  If the soul is not developed, you are not a child of God.  So to show you that even when we look a failure before the world, before God we are a success and God's angels are uniting with us.

how you can prove what you are, and by how much you have.  On the other side it is the same way.  You cannot fool God.  You can think your soul looks beautiful, but it is not as beautiful as you think; there are many things that make it earth-bound.  The soul has to be polished and mended, as it is torn in many places like a torn garment.  So the soul has to be healed like the body.  Why did the Christians suffer such agonies that wanted to follow Jesus?  Why did they not hide themselves and say among themselves "we won't speak much or talk much about Jesus among our friends and people, or we will not have peace.  We won't speak much about it, but will worship silently."  There is a great meaning in this.  There would not have been any sacrifice in their worship if they had kept silent.  Without sacrifices, there is no worship to God; it is all empty.  To sacrifice and receive condemnation, sneers, laughter and humiliation just for the sake of the religion you belong to, is that a great worship to God?  That is no great sacrifice or humility or worship to God, but only to self and ego that you feel hurt.  God forgives you because you do not know any better but this is my law.  And stand there and face all the temptations, snears, condemnations, poverty, humiliation and tribulation that follows and be steadfast to the Church of Jesus you belong to.  If it is the Superet Church, be steadfast to that.  If you are steadfast a little, even in trying to live up to it, you will be rewarded in soul.  When you are nothing, nothing touches you.  Nothing must be in you but God.  God in your body.  God in your mind.  God in your heart.  God in your soul, so that you feel the warmth of the light in your body, mind, heart and soul.  God is all love.  How much do you love Him? "This is my body which You use, my God.  I give you every part to use.  My body bowed before you.  This flesh that once lived for flesh love has changed to your love - not separated from you.  I love you, my God."  And you join the angels in that long chain of love; they come and say to you "we are all working for the Light."  The angels come in wreathes of light.  They bring the most wonderful perfume and music which comes out of their bodies and you could not believe that they could look so beautiful.  They all say, "Father, Thy will be done."  They worked so hard in sacrifice to have a home over there right close to Jesus.  You have to have light to come into the light; not talking or thinking, but vibrating in it.  You cannot talk on the other side.  You do not prove it by saying, "I am a child of God," but standing and showing what light is built around your soul, not mind...
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Every angel has a different light.  Those with a higher light only mingle as teachers over the lower ones.  They are known by their greatness of light.  Those with lesser light have to serve the ones with greater light.  They are not looked down at, but with respect.  They come to serve the ones in the higher light and in return receive the teachings.  It is a great honor when the teachers with greater light come to the lower spheres.  They only come at certain times when those angels with the lesser light have been prepared with the law of light.  As on earth you are known by how great you are - you are known here if you are a great scientist or professor - it is according to what you can show;