by Dr. Josephine C. Trust

Table of Contents:
1.  Light Scientist, Dr. Trust’s Life with Miracles
2.  God, Superet Light, With the Bible, is God’s Light Love
3.  How Dr. Trust Found the New Name Superet
4.  Untold Benefits Received
5.  God, Superet, is the Creator Over All Gods
6.  Christ Started the Light Science and Superet Light Doctrine
7.  Christ and Ancient Promise Now Fulfilled
8.  Your Birthright
9.  Why the Many Different Religions Are Needed
10.  Superetist or Light Bearer
11.  For Superetist Instructors With 48 Classes
12.  Dr. Trust Reveals World Aura of Future
13.  Superet Light Immortality Key Discovery
14.  Superet Light Atom Aura Science With Bible 30 Courses
15.  Historical Sketch of Superet Doctrine
16.  Superetist of 28 Years Stayed Healed
17.  30 Superet Light Scientific Light Books
18.  Men and Women Souls Differ in Vibration
19.  Your Spiritual Radio Light Activity
20.  Why All Religions and Cults will be Benefited
21.  Superet Light Healing Records
22.  How to Make Your Aura Chart
23.  God’s I Am and Our I Am
24.  Supret Light Golden Road to Success