by Dr. Josephine C. Trust

Table of Contents:
First Book, The Prince of Peace, Index
Prince of Peace Movement of the Holy Land
The Start of the Original Prince of Peace Movement
The Purpose of the Prince of Peace Book
The P.O.P.M. Peace Exercises – The Twelve Apostles’ Senses
The Proof That This Is the Prince of Peace Movement From the Original of 2,000 Years Ago
The Hidden Meanings in the Scriptures
How To Earn Jesus’ Light Peace
Prayers for Members
P.O.P.M. Creed
The Laws of the Prince of Peace Light Peace
What Is the Duty of Each P.O.P.M. Member?
The Prince of Peace Movement Prayers
Nationality and Christianity Prayers
Sympathies for Your Soul First
The New Star
The Peace Gospel of the Prince of Peace
The Spiritual Peace Exercises To Feel Peace
P.O.P.M. Peace Instructions
Jesus Christ’s Peace, Leading to Light Peace
Jesus Christ’s Twelve Light Peace Commandments for the Twelve Senses
The Lord’s Prayer – the Greatest of All Prayers   The Surrender Prayer of Our Senses
The Holy Mother’s Prayer to Overcome Vanity and Sex of the Twelve Senses
The Prince of Peace Movement Prayer Aura Purification
The Peace Song
How to Keep the Prince of Peace Movement Alive
How To Hold the P.O.P.M. Meetings
A Study and Exercise for Heart Feeling
The Peace Kiss
Jesus’ Light Peace
The Peace Sacrifice
The Secret of How To Pray
P.O.P.M. Women Members
The Seven Peace Letter Vibrations of Jesus’ Light Peace
Jesus Christ’s Peace Kingdom
Peace Offerings to God
The Difference of the Prince of Peace Peace and Man Made Peace
Consciousness of Jesus’ Peace Brings Abundance
Father and Mother God’s Patience
Overcome the Anti-Christ
A Copy Letter from Palestine
A Letter to All Branches of the Holy Land From Mother Trust
Broadcast Given Through the Radio
Leaflet of the Prince of Peace Movement......