by Dr. Josephine C. Trust

Table of Contents:
1.  A Unique History
2.  Superet Atom Aura Science
3.  Miracle Woman’s Secret
4.  Learn To Make Your Aura Chart
5.  What Is Light Made Of
6.  Miracle Woman’s Biography
7.  Superet Science Proves Light Over All Science
8.  New Light Planet Coming
9.  War of Planets and Religion
10.  Changing Sick Atoms Into Healthy Atoms
11.  Superet Science, The Only Divine Cure
12.  Color Aura of Success
13.  New Name Secrets of Bible Revealed
14.  How I Saw the First Light Atom’s Aura
15.  What Is Love Made Of?
16.  Atoms Aura in Action Also in Books
17.  Your Aura Color Garment
18.  When Your Atoms Change It Will Add Years
19.  The New Language
20.  Study of Auras When Traveling In Europe
21.  Mysterious Experience Christmas In Holy Land
22.  Superetist Brotherhood of Light
23.  Lessons of Vibration, Voice, Song and Music
24.  Superet Center Auditorium
25.  Wonder Healing Light Prayer Record by Mother Trust
26.  Why Be Poor and In Trouble?
27.  Eighteen Books of Light Vibrations