by Dr. Josephine C. Trust

Table of Contents:
1.  Ancient Parchments Translated
2.  America’s Aura With Book of Past Facts
3.  Children’s Aura Improvement Through Superet Science
4.  Superet Light Language Translated in Vibration
5.  Superet Name Vibration Explained
6.  One Silent Woman Led America
7.  First Superet Human Atom Book, 1926
8.  The Living Wonder Picture With Light
9.  Superet Science Light Brotherhood
10.  Superet Science, World’s Greatest Science
11.  Free Aura Classes to Benefit Humanity
12.  Atoms Aura Reveals Secrets of Celestial White Light Nature Atoms
13.  Human Atoms Aura Reveals Secrets
14.  Electro Magnetic Inner Aura
15.  Aura of Trees, Flowers and Vegetables
16.  How Your Feeling Shows Colors
17.  Your Body Dying Shown in the Aura by Colors
18.  Interior Earth’s Volcanoes Start Through Aura
19.  How Atmosphere of Planets Nature Atoms Aura Differ
20.  Earn Success Through Aura Colors
21.  Why Prayers, Words and Numbers Have Different Auras
22.  Atoms Aura Reveals Secrets
23.  Light Atoms Change Your Life
24.  How to dress in Aura Colors
25.  Body’s Life Depends on Atoms Aura Colors
26.  Children Show Their Aura at Birth
27.  Celestial Atoms Aura Now Discovered
28.  Why We Eat, Drink, Breathe Colors
29.  The Aura of America
30.  The Miracle Woman’s Biography
31.  The New Start of Woman’s Age – Mother Earth and Mother Nature in Atom Age
32.  The Aura Scientist Gives Secret How To Harness White Atoms
33.  Bible Revealed the New Name, Superet
34.  Human Atoms Power Harnessed Prolongs Life
35.  Human Atoms Prolong or Shorten Life
36.  Change Your Different and Sick Atoms
37.  How to Harness Your Different Atoms
38.  “Nature Atomism” Doctrine of the Universe
39.  “Superet Atomism” Doctrine of Human Atoms
40.  Two Aura Colors Needed for Increase
41.  Personal and World Peace Through Atoms
42.  Human Atoms Aura Science Is Your Life
43.  You Are Not Sick, Only Sick Atoms
44.  Twenty-five Years’ Study, the Soul Atom Was Found
45.  How To Change Your Aura Colors
46.  How Trees, Vegetables, Flowers Change Atoms Every Hour
47.  Beneficial: Women, Dress in Your Aura Colors
48.  Super-Ethics Atoms Light Measurement
49.  The Superet Atoms Aura College
50.  Start of Superet Light
51.  Human and Spiritual Gravitation Photographed
52.  Your Aura Works While You Sleep
53.  Children Start With a Gift to Fame
54.  How to Minister to Self and Others the Light Vibrations