by Dr. Josephine C. Trust

Table of Contents
1.  Application of the Tremendous Human Atoms Power
2.  How Human Atoms Prolong and Shorten Life
3.  How the Aura of America Changed Since Atom Bomb
4.  How To Harness Your Different Atoms
5.  Nature Atomism the Doctrine of the Universe Atoms
6.  Superet Atomism the Doctrine of Human Atoms
7.  The Law of Increase and Success in All Business
8.  Peace Came Through Atoms – Only Remains Through Human Atoms
9.  Human Atoms Aura Science Needed -- It is Your Life
10.  You Are Not Sick But Only Have Sick Atoms
11.  Atoms Vibration Formation Picture Explained
12.  After 25 Years of Atoms Aura Study the Star Atom Was Found
13.  The Two Superet Aura Chart Pictures
14.  How to Make Your Aura Chart and For Others
15.  Your Aura Colors and Your Personal Gift Developed
16.  The Colors’ Meanings of Atoms Auras Explained
17.  How Different Diseases and Insanity Were Healed
18.  1925 The Aura Scientist Wrote of Nature Human Atoms
19.  Planets’ Life Described With Solar Planetary Forces
20.  The Wonder Atom Aura Picture Never Known Before
21.  How Trees, Vegetables, Flowers Give Atoms Every Hour
22.  How to Eat, Drink and Draw Living Atoms
23.  Important Women Dress in Atoms Aura Colors
24.  How Atomic Radio Active Wave Shows in Colors
25.  How the New Superet Language Creates Light Vibrations
26.  Super-Ethical Atoms Light Measurements
27.  Protection for Children and Young People Starting in Life
28.  Superet Brotherhood and Atom Aura College