by Dr. Josephine C. Trust

Table of Contents:
1.  S.L. Means Superet Light
2.  Introduction
3.  Learn to Heal Thyself With S.L.
4.  Learn Superet Atom Aura Science Rules First
5.  The Origin of Human Race
6.  How Aura Gravitation Attracts
7.  How Planets, Nature and Human Atoms Differ
8.  Stages of Light Development
9.  What Superet Light Method Produces
10.  Superet Light Science Healed Thousands
11.  Greatest Power Has Superet Light
12.  Superet Aura Chart Explanation
13.  Superet Light Treatment
14.  Who Touched Earth With Light Beauty
15.  Light Scientist’s Discovery of New Planet
16.  Planetary Forces Aura Changing
17.  Bible Prophecies of Light
18.  Spirits and Angels of Different Auras
19.  Learn Your Aura Garment Color
20.  How To Develop Your Gift
21.  Start of S.L. Center Brotherhood
22.  How To Make Your Aura Chart