by Dr. Josephine C. Trust

Table of Contents:
1.  The Creator’s Universe Light and Planets
2.  Beliefs With Different Light Forces
3.  Doctor Trust, Founder of the Superet Light Science
4.  Atoms’ Air Waves’ Language
5.  Dr. Trust’s Christmas in Bethlehem
6.  America Holds Creator’s Two Symbols
7.  Grand Canyon Aura First Symbol
8.  Souls’ Aura Language
9.  Painted Desert Aura Facts, Second Symbol
10.  God Superet Light Gives Soul Life
11.  Painted Desert Gives Light to Canyon
12.  Canyon’s and Human Aura Secrets
13.  26 Superet Books -- 26 Different Languages
14.  Superet Light Books’ Vibrations Live Forever
15.  Revelation Secret – The New Name
16.  Superet Light Science and Bible Light
17.  Explain the 12 Senses’ Love Lessons
18.  Superet Light Atom Aura Lessons
19.  Superetist Brotherhood and Sisterhood