by Dr. Josephine C. Trust

Table of Contents:
1.  What is the Inner Aura and Outer Aura?
2.  To Know Your Aura Is Most Important
3.  Aura Scientist Described in 1943 of the New Star’s Aura
4.  Electro-Magnetic Inner Aura
5.  Aura of Trees, Flowers and Vegetables
6.  Atom’s Purity Aura Shows Your Feeling
7.  Why The Atom Aura Bomb Is Combined With The Aura of The New Star
8.  Your Body Dying Shown In The Aura By Colors
9.  Interior Earth’s Volcanoes And Their Atoms Aura Development
10.  Aura of Atmosphere, of Planets and of Nature
11.  How to Earn Healing and Success Aura Color
12.  Atoms and Aura Light
13.  The Aura Form And Its Effect On Business
14.  The World Aura Colors are Now Changing Into a New Atom Aura
15.  Prayers, Words and Numbers Have Different Auras
16.  Why Light Through the White Atoms Produces Changes in Religions
17.  How to Start the Growth of Light in Your Aura
18.  Your Personality Needs the Aura Formula
19.  The Difference of the Nature’s and the Spiritual Atoms and Aura
20.  How to Dress in Aura Colors
21.  Body’s Life and Health Depend on Atoms and Aura Development
22.  Children Show Their Aura at Birth
23.  The Celestial Atoms and Aura Never Discovered Before
24.  Proof That Many Known Scientists Worked by the Aura
25.  We Eat, Drink and Breathe Colors, Why?
26.  The Aura of America
27.  Explaining the Meanings of the Colors
28.  Superet Chart Picture Explained
29.  How to Make Your Aura Chart
30.  Miracle Woman’s Biography and Start of Woman’s Age