The following are a collection of testimonies given recently, as well as, from the past years.  The testimonies are from friends, new students and from Superetist members.  We hope these will be proof and inspiration for all to learn more about the Superet Light Doctrine, Jesus Christ's Religion and the Superet Atom Aura Science application.  Enjoy, and please contact us if you would like to add your own testimony of what the Superet Light Doctrine has done for you.  God bless you!

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First Superet Branch Church of Washington, DC
(Submitted May 2010; Letter on File at Church)

In the Name of Jesus Christ,
     I give thanks to the Superet Light Doctrine of the Holy Superet Church founded by Dr. J. C. Trust for the many blessings and healings I have received since I have been in the Religion.  Words cannot express my gratitude and appreciation for Father and Mother God Superet Light and their beloved Son Jesus Christ for the healings I had some years ago and recently.  I had a lump in my right breast, my leg was swollen 3x's the size of the right leg due to chronic lymphedema.  Today the leg is a normal size.  Just recently, May 2010, one night I had severe pains in the right side of my face.  I was awake most of the night.  The next morning my face and lip was swollen, I went to the emergency hospital to get help. The doctor said a tooth was causing the problem, to make an appointment with an oral surgeon.  I called for an appointment and was told, "we are not taking any more appointments until July."  I called several places to get help.  I was told the same thing, no appointments until June or July.  After no success, I prayed to God Superet Light for help.  As a result, the swelling went down in my face and lip, no pain; I can eat all right and the tooth feels all right.

(Submitted January 2011)

     I am so grateful to God Superet for the many blessings I have received since becoming a Superetist.  When I first came into the Superet Teaching I was very poor and worked a part time minimum wage job.  As I started to apply the Superet Laws my life began to change drastically.  The first blessing was in receiving a much better job which enabled me to get out of a bad living situation and move to a new city.  Now I have been in the Superet Teaching for over 10 years and the blessings are numerous. The more I continue to apply the Superet Laws the more the blessings pour over me.  I have been saved from so many accidents and risky situations both physically and spiritually; I have been given great jobs, connected with great friends, and have become a much better person.  God bless Mother Trust also for making it possible for me to receive the Superet Teaching.

(Letter submitted to Mother Trust and published in the first book called "Superet" page 58)

     I have been a trained nurse for eighteen years. A few years ago a cancer developed in my spine and I had running sores. I was sick in bed. Hearing of this science I was brought to Mrs. Trust, and in a few months, under her treatment, in this science, I am healed. Physicians that saw me before and after called it a miracle. Thank God. I shall give my life up to Him from now on, and walk in this light, teachings of Jesus Christ as given in Superet.
L. C. O.
Los Angeles
(Letter submitted to Mother Trust and published in the first book called "Superet" page 61)

     This is to testify of my wonderful healing. I cannot begin to express my gratitude for the help that God has given me, through our Beloved Saviour, through your teachings of the Christ Light religion.
     My eyes have been healed and my nerves that were a wreck are all right now. I have taken other treatments for years but nothing helped me, and through this Christ Light religion I have been healed; not only myself, but also my dear mother, who can now walk for miles, and feels younger and better. We all understand each other better and love each other more and more, where before there was so much disharmony and misunderstanding. Now it is as heaven in our home. Thank God for this truth. Years of suffering we could have escaped had we known of this teaching before.

With love and gratitude,
Sylvia B.M
New York
(Letter submitted to Mother Trust and published in the book called "Superet Light Healing Testimonies" page 197)

     After 27 Years, Suffering Healed

     God Bless You. There are so many wonderful things to write about. Mother Trust, since I found Superet Light Teaching I feel that I am the most fortunate person in the world.
     I am 33 years old. I can truthfully and unashamedly admit that because of ignorance, inherited religious habits and an attitude toward life that continually stressed success in materialistic endeavors, I wound up a failure both spiritually and materially. I was interested only in acquiring an education and training to become a material success.
     Believe me, Mother Trust, discovering Your Superet Books marked the turning point in my life. I gave up my other beliefs knowing God was merciful to lead me to You. My friends marvel at the transformation in my physical appearance. I feel a deep peace within me.
     The Church Services conducted by You are most heart-warming, soul-stirring and inspirational. The members of Your congregation are the most sincere people I have ever known, thanks to the example You have set.
     Recently baptized in the Superet Church, my greatest ambition is to have my wife and child baptized too -- the three of us working together for Superet Light.
     I want to thank You with all my heart and soul for everything that You have done for us. Also, for the healing of my wrist which I suffered with for years. Through the Superet Light Treatment it is now healed.

(Letter submitted to Mother Trust and published in the book called "Superet Light Healing Testimonies" page 77)

     I am a N.D. Naturopathic physician, licensed by the state board of Florida, State Board of Naturopathic Examiners since 1927. For some years I had in mind to gradually prepare myself, and then become a teacher or instructor in spiritual subjects -- but not of orthodox religion.
     I believe Your statements given in Your " Atoms Aura Reveals Secrets," page 55, that "The Aura Chart will do wonders not only in helping you, but you will also teach and help many with this wonder chart." I simply quote these statements as facts, and not as a defense or contention. After studying Your S.A.A.S. Home Course, I know these to be facts. They have helped me with patients in different walks of life coming to me for help. I also received help. 
     I enjoy the Superet Studies and derive numerous benefits. I want to know more, and the application You prescribe daily. I only hope that I can pass the examinations to get the diploma to teach others here. And I am looking forward to coming to Los Angeles to study under Your personal supervision.

Yours in the Light Truth.
Dr. J. H., Florida
(Letter submitted to Mother Trust and published in the book called "Superet Light Healing Testimonies" page 95)

     Superet Light Saved Me from Being an Atheist 

     When I came to the Holy Superet Church almost four years ago, I had studied many religions and teachings. They all left me dissatisfied and I did not believe in God any more. 
     The real awakening that I had nothing for soul came when my husband passed on three years before. I could give him no help, no comfort, and he passed on in darkness. I failed him, professing to have something while he did not; however, he had tried to live a good life, the best he knew how. Then I quit all religions and almost became an atheist.
     It was at this stage that one of Mother Trust's magazines was put into my hands. My life changed. I learned through the Aura Chart that I was egotistical, self-satisfied, full of self-pity, self-righteousness, resentment, criticism, condemnation and many other sins of the flesh. By living willingly in those sins, I was killing my soul and living in sins as of old. When I confessed and repented, a great relief and happiness came to me. My body seemed lighter and it was as if a load had been lifted from me when following the Superet Law with the Aura Chart. As I live in these Superet Laws, these sins are gradually being overcome. Only with Mother Trust's great Love and Patience do we conquer them when praying for strength.
     I thank God, Superet, every day for sending our Lord Jesus Christ; and Mother Trust for finding Jesus' Religion to bring to us the Superet Light. 

(Letter from Mother Trust published in the book called "Superet Light Healing Testimonies" page 61)

     Humbly and gratefully I thank God, Superet, for the healing of consumption. This started me to find the new Name, Superet. And as I always trusted in God to help me, this healing was given me of Superet Light, which the Lord told me in a vision when I found the new Name, Superet, through Jesus' Words.
     All the good things then started to come to me. As I was born with the Gift of seeing Light and Auras, it was easy to study. And, with the healing of the Superet Light Science Laws for others also as they obeyed the Superet Laws, a new life in Light began, just as though each was born again in a new body. They became young and happy, and they did not think any longer of the years of sufferings; neither did I.
     In my study in finding the new Name, Superet, I was reborn again with new life when finding Jesus' God's Name, Superet. And having the proofs of years' study, this was my life -- to find Jesus' God. And I found It only through Light. Jesus' God's Name was and is Superet.
     This Wonder of Wonders of God's Name, Superet, not only healed me, but supplied me with everything and also helped others. My prayers were more quickly answered when I asked in the Name of Superet. But, I had to live in the Superet Laws, and keep my heart- love steady with pure thoughts for the Superet Light in helping others. Even in the Holy Land they all saw the miracles.
     I give humbly and meekly on my knees, my heart love and gratitude to You, Father and Mother God, Superet Light, in Jesus' Name, and with all my heart, I thank You, Beloved God, for Thy Superet Light Healing me and for all those who give and will give testimonies, and all those who will join in the Superet Light Healing Chain, and give their testimonies to help others, and in building more love in this love chain to God Superet, and Superet Light.
     One great Chain of millions of links or hearts, united with angels and spirits of Light must encircle the whole world with love to God Superet Light with grateful hearts, loving Jesus' God, Superet, in one brotherly and sisterly love, praying for friend and enemy alike as true Superetist Light bearers, Jesus' followers with Light. Through Jesus Christ's Light, we become united, and He leads us to the Superet Light.
     To love God, and to protect this Superet Light Love Chain, we all pray at noon time. All who are out of the city and want to join in the Superet Light Healing Love Chain, write for prayer to Mother Trust, and also state your sickness. All religions and nations are welcome. 

God Bless You All.
Love From
                                                                                    Mother Trust
(Submitted January 2013; Letter on File at Church)

In the Name of Jesus Christ, united in the Name of Mother Trust,

God bless all Superetists Ministers who are praying every Sunday at the altar for other Superetists as well as humanity.  The prayers of everyone in the Superet church go out in the ether and many receive blessings and healings.  This is my testimony to that fact.

On Thursday January 27, 2011, my daughter drove me to the hospital at 1:30 p.m. because I couldn’t lift my right leg out of the bed.  I had to drag it.  When I tried to walk I was dragging my right foot.  I was not in pain.  On the way to the hospital my speech pattern changed.

When I arrived at the hospital I couldn’t walk without support.  I was wheeled into the emergency room and rushed to be seen right away.  The doctor immediately started medication intravenously.  My right side was paralyzed from the neck to my foot.  I had very little control of my right arm.  I prayed and asked God to not let me lose use of my right arm and hand.  Every opportunity to use my right hand, I did – exercising it throughout the night.  God answered my prayer.  I didn’t lose function of my arm or hand.

I received intense therapy daily for 3 weeks.  During therapy, I had a chance to see just how devastating a stroke can be.  I saw patients who had been in therapy for months and still were not ready to go home.  I saw withered hands and twisted feet, patients who barely could speak.  They were young and old people.  Some were in extreme pain.

I was very blessed to not experience any pain.  I walked with a walker the very next day and was released three weeks later with home therapy three times a week.  I attended Sunday Service three weeks later with a cane and was very grateful to get there.  Five months later I returned to work.

God bless Mother Trust for Jesus Christ’s Teachings.  I thank Father and Mother God, Superet Light, for the Superet Healing of my right side.  I can walk without any support now.  And my speech is 98% fluent.

C. Jones, Maryland
(Submitted November 2014; Letter on File at Church)

In the Name of Jesus Christ united in the Name of Mother Trust, I thank Father and Mother God Superet for the many blessings I receive.

A little time ago I read the Washington, DC guest book pages. I saw brother David’s note – God bless you Bro David! I did not fully understand it. I decided to visit the Washington, DC Superet Branch church. You are very, very, very correct about this Branch Church.

You seem to feel that it is only deaf people which they love, and you are very, very mistaken on that count. They also have a love for me, the blind and all kind of people.
They have the kind of love that Mother Trust taught us to have.

I also remember when two missionaries came to Nigeria from their Wash. DC Branch. Everywhere, Superetists here in Nigeria were rushing to go and learn from them. There was no sleep, night was like day, day was like night. I even missed my exams because I found it difficult to go back to school! It was so nice being around them and to learn from them. God bless you Rev. Ed and Rev. Lorrie for all the love you had for us in Nigeria.

Back to what I was saying…the Wash. DC Superet Branch Church is my home away from home and I feel the life expectancy in Wash DC Branch is over 100! No wonder you are there in Washington DC! I even see a sister there that is over 90 years old and she reads the Bible in Church as clear as a fifteen year old could.

Now I call the Wash. DC Branch Heaven on earth. It reminds me of Superet Branch Churches in Nigeria. As I was growing up I felt so much love and harmony. My friends can’t tell the difference between my flesh family and my Superet Family. Oh, so much Love! God bless Mother Trust. We know that is how She would want it.

God bless Rev. Ed also! While here in the Wash. DC Branch, he gave me one of Mother Trust’s Healing Lessons, which I did (I applied it). I was healed of Sugar Blood Sickness and I am very grateful for the lesson. Keep up the good work for God Superet.

In case you are in Nigeria and want Mother Trust Healing Lessons, try some of these phone numbers for various brothers and sisters to help you:
080-375-12754 … 080-328-91406 … 080-527-79924.

God bless Mother Trust for bringing this teaching back to us in the Name of Superet Light and I pray for strength in Jesus Christ’s Name, amen.

Sis. Mercy
Rukuba Jos

PS:  God bless Rev. Lorrie and Rev. Ed for such a wonderful website. Rev. Ed has explained that Rev. Lorrie is the chief designer of the website, and we are very grateful for that. Superetists worldwide now have a place to tell their friends to visit without embarrassment. The many contacts, and the Superet Books going out, the POPM clubs established worldwide, new churches, yes, they are active.