Excerpt page 41 from:  Worlds Aura Discovery
by Dr. Josephine C. Trust

Human Atoms Changing to Light

    The true Christian dignity is to prove what is in each Christian.  Not their old religion alone to which they belong, but only their Aura, of what they themselves have created.  No religion can save them but the Light Atoms' Aura must prove.  Then Jesus' Light Connection comes.  This is saving you from dark black Atoms if you apply His Light Laws.
    As your thoughts expand in the Superet Atom Aura Science, you begin to feel your old teachings and learnings confusing you.  They were true for that time, but now you want to rise within with Light - not with words but with facts, proving with your Aura.  And there can be no compromise with the covering of an immoral life.  For, if you analyze, if Jesus had lived that life He would have lost His Light Atoms.  And the Apostles had to give up to earn the Light Vibrations from the Lord.  Can you deny this statement and prove it otherwise?
    Why does evil live through lust, passion, jealousy, lies, hatred, anger, self-righteousness, etc.?  All those create black Atoms.  Now the substance in those Atoms shows in their colors which come out in your Aura in a fine vapor.  If it is dark green you now it is jealousy; dark red, black and dark grey, it is lust, passion.  Anger shows black stripes.  Hatred shows black dots, etc.  Those facts are a proof what you have created.  Even in bearing many children they show your symptoms...