Excerpt page 33 from:  Superet
by Dr. Josephine C. Trust

God's Will

1.  When God's Will works your will must be given up.  To demonstrate God's Will is to make it a convenience to your will only, thereby setting your will up as being greater than God.  If Jesus demonstrated all the time he could have no reaction, and so he has shown us how to go through the reaction through His sufferings, giving Himself up to God entirely.  He walked on this earth without a home, without money, all alone in the light, teaching this new truth, among persecution and ridicule, in His own town where He was known.  He expected His people would listen to Him, but they turned Him down.
2.  God sees what you are not.  You think you can transform yourself by suggesting it all, and say all kinds of encouraging things to yourself, and thus keep yourself up in good humor, but your natural self remains unchanged; so make the effort in giving up that which you want the most; that is your own will to God; then light will come only through sacrifices.  Even the utmost limitations of your will must be purged of all self-desire.
3.  Therefore nothing comes that is real or everlasting by the efforts of the self ego or will.  The mind being used by the Spirit of God is acted upon by conditions that will prove the soul only and not the self-will, and you will know it by your intuition, not by your knowledge.  For it is not what you believe but what you do that counts.