Excerpt page 1 from:  Superet Light, Important
by Dr. Josephine C. Trust

Wonder of Wonders

    The dawn of a beautiful tomorrow is before you in the hope of Eternal life, to bring you unto the light of more understanding of God's wonderful Heart Light.
    All hearts now will grow stronger in Light, love and color, in joining together and to develop in the spiritual lines of Light with the royal colors of God, the Creator life giver and master of all mysteries - our Heavenly Parent Who sends us the Light Knowledge through Jesus' Superet Light Science.
    We start today with all our hearts, humbly praying to be clean in mind, and with a contrite spirit to be in the Presence of the Almighty Creator, to be brave and true in the Name of Superet, to the highest Teaching of the Lord Jesus Christ.  May we honor and obey God's Command that we enter into the Eternal Light, and be worthy of the God's Wondrous Sacred Love of Father and Mother God's Majestic Golden Purple Heart.  That will help us now and forever with the Purple New Star, Wonder of all Wonders now coming from Heaven - this God's Superet Light.
    Let us all unite in Superet Light and learn Jesus' Superet Light Teachings.  For we all must earn the Light.  For God has given us all our will and the birthright as He gave to Jesus, Who has proven through His Light.
    Jesus started the Superet Light Science for all to earn the Light with Light facts proving - to see your Auras in Light within you; and that you have become now a Light bearer and a follower of Jesus Christ's Light - a Light Christian, a Superetist like the Apostles and Martyrs were, who gave up their lives unto God.