Excerpt pages 38 - 42 & page 90 from:
Superet Light Healing Testimonies
by Dr. Josephine C. Trust

(page 38-42)
Religions' and Nations' Auras
Eleventh Chapter

  The Superet Light Science teaches not only to respect all religions and nations; for they all have a certain light, but to love each one and help each one.
  Dr. Trust, Scientist-Founder, teaches all this for all who want and are willing to learn to earn the Superet Blessing from Jesus' Teaching of Superet Light.  Dr. Trust says, "All religions are needed for the light development.  All nations are needed also.
  Now we know electricity is for all people no matter what religion or nation. No one is forced or threatened to accept It - only as you must pay for it to use it by that law with money - not just by your beliefs alone.  Now without the Superet Electrical Light Laws, we cannot earn the soul Light.  We must pay with using the laws.
  We understand this, so we love every religion and belief; for it is for all people to become developed to love God with light substance.  He wants only that we all become united more with His Superet Light.  For, to learn Superet Light Laws is to have peace; as obedience to the Superet Light Science only can give us peace.
  For all vibrate of different beliefs, and have Light, which leads to the greatest, the Superet Light.  We have now of the past 2,000 years, facts of the many wars and crimes that we all have committed with even the different lights and beliefs.
  Now you will believe how all must learn this Superet Light Science.  They will through Jesus, be cleansed as the Apostles were in the unity of Jesus' Superetist Organization.  It will help your religion and you to have more Light.
  You will find the proofs and facts now here again of the positive soul light healings when you see your Aura shining with Light, and others see it.  Facts, not words alone any longer - but facts.
  Dr. Trust proves to you; for Jesus said, "You have eyes to see but see not."  Your Aura is your passport here and hereafter.  Jesus also said, "Blessed are those which do not see but believe."
  Just as we need the material electricity, we need more, the Spiritual Electricity.
  Jesus' Belief was His Doctrine, or Gospel of Light.  He said, "My doctrine is not of this world."  Superet Light comes from God's Heart.
  The dictionary says, "Religion is a system of faith."  Jesus' Light Doctrine is a System with faith facts, proving with Light in your Aura.  Jesus said, "I am the light of the world."  He earned the White Light of Purity to worship His God Who had the Superet Purple Light - the God over all Gods.  For He said, "My God and your God."  He proved also by saying, "I pray not for the world, but for those Thou gavest me" - the Apostles who followed in Jesus' Doctrine of Light, and gave up their old religion, faith, and their God to follow Jesus' God, Superet Light.
  Every ancient religion had a God of nations and religion, and had a name like Jehovah, Buddha, etc.  All Christian religions believe in Jesus and God; but they did not know His Name until now, after the Light Scientist, Mother Trust, unearthed the Name, Superet, through the Bible in the Words of Jesus shining with a beautiful Light and showing the Purple Light in a star shape, found in His saying of, "My doctrine is not of this world."  This Star was His Soul, and the new Name of Revelation, which also showed the Purple color which was translated in the Light Vibration Language as the Name, Superet, which had the Purple Light.  This great Mystery is now dissolved and found.  The Truth of Light is speaking for the Name Itself, and given in the Light Language.
  Why did Jesus say, "Seek and ye shall find"?  He meant His God, and His Doctrine, which He only disclosed to His Apostles - not to the mob - and only now in the Atom Age has It been unearthed.  Those 2,000 years many religions were seeking Jesus' Light Doctrine and Jesus' God.  They could not find Light by thinking, but by Light Science and facts proving.  Not the Name in Light writing only, but Light learning with Vibration.  The Truth at last has come, to come out from darkness.
  All religions have a Light vibration, but all of different Light with the Light Vibration connection.
  We become conscious by a Light Law connected to God's Light, Superet.
  Could anyone dispute this now after learning this Truth of Superet Light Science which is proving with facts with the Aura's light vibration healings by the Superet Light from Jesus' God's Superet Heart, only to worship God, as He is the Creator and only Healer?  Because, God's Superet Heart Light heals.
  Dr Trust says She could not heal, but prepares you for the Superet Light.  "The miracles and healings positively come by the Superet Light," She says, which She sees coming by using the Superet Laws with "A single eye (mind) and your whole body shall be full of light.  And they shall shine as stars forever," which are the Saviour's Words.  And all this comes through the Superet Laws.
  After the Charter of the U.S.A. was granted, I also was allowed by God, through the Saviour showing me His Light and the Superet Light, to start the Superetist Brother and Sisterhood for Mankind in Heaven and on earth.
  The quality of Light is needed in this Superet Science.  Not the quantity; as the Superet Light does not mingle with any other Light.  It is so great, so Holy, this Wonder of Wonders; for It is the Creator's Light from His Heart.  So the new Name of God's Light is called, Superet Light.  Repeat It often.
  Please open your eyes that you may see the Aura.  Many students see my Aura which proves to them this Truth with facts - not just words alone.

(page 90)

Healed from Throat Cancer
  When I left the hospital after examining the X-rays with the surgeon, the surgeon said to come back to the hospital the next day, and be prepared to undergo an operation on my throat.  He explained that afterwards I would not be able to eat or speak - only taking fruit juices, and even then, with great care.   He could not promise much.
  My husband heard of Dr. Trust as a Divine Healer, and so brought me to Her.  When Dr. Trust took me by the hand and said, - "Do not cry dear.  There is nothing impossible for my God Superet, to do, Who sends His Heart Light, Superet, to this world to help all of us through Jesus Christ."  I had faith at once, and stopped crying.  I knelt down with Her, and She gave me the Silent Prayer Superet Light Treatment; and at once I coughed, coughing out the cancer.
  Dr. Trust sent me to the surgeon at once.  He declared that I was healed.  He put the cancer into a bottle, declaring, "This is a miracle," when showing it to other doctors.
  Words cannot express my gratitude to Jesus' God, Superet Light, for sending me to Dr. Trust, Who did all this for love to God, and to help me and also to help humanity.  I was poor, and my son was sick and needed help all the years.
  God Bless You, Dr. Trust, for helping me, a stranger, for cheering and helping me and my loved ones.  Please God, reward Mother Trust.
Mrs. C. H., L.A.