Excerpt page 30-31 from:  Superet Light Forever
by Dr. Josephine C. Trust

Superet Light Science
12 Classes

    Scientifically starting classes with Light Vibrations, the Superet Doctrine book holds the Superet Laws which no one is allowed to change; for It would change the Light Chemicals that can only be developed through strict obedience in following the Rules - like following the electricity; not the kerosene lamp or candle.
    This Superet Light does not mix with any other Light; for It comes from God's Superet Heart, and can only come to those that are prepared with the Light of the Superet Laws.
    To build the substance in your Atoms is similar like our blood which does not mix with other blood of a different quality; for the Atoms won't chemically unite or absorb it.
    Jesus said, "You cannot put new wine into old bottles," or old black dark Atoms even of different lights.  For they also have a different chemical.
    Every religion has a different light, and belongs to that consciousness of that color.  There is the cold and black light; and all have different colors.  And the chemicals can only absorb that color that the brain or heart can digest, or hold.
    We have the same with the songs.  That's why our Superet songs had to have certain vibration that differs from the earthly love songs, to Heavenly love songs to God, to hold Light with the Spiritual Electricity which Dr. Trust says She saw, and found it necessary - as the Aura registered clouds-vapors that could not become connected.
    Jesus said, "My God (Superet), and your God (Jehovah)."  Both have different Light.  The Superet Light Atom Aura Science Jesus only used.  No other Light Science.