Excerpt page 16 from:  Superet Everlasting Peace
by Dr. Josephine C. Trust

The Laws of the Prince of Peace Light Peace

    1.  There are Laws in war . . . There are also Laws of Peace.   Self righteousness of being in peace is not Jesus' Peace.  We must be concerned only about Jesus Christ: and to have His Consciousness - to realize Who He is and how great He is.
    Think of the insult of some people thinking that He is just a master or a medium or a teacher or like themselves - but to have the soul consciousness that He is the only begotten Son of God Almighty.  That's why all other teachings have to go.  Only His Teaching will stay forever.  His Teaching is leading us to the consciousness of God's Light - out of the mental into the soul consciousness.
    The lessons that are given here will lead you into His Laws; but you cannot be forced.  To believe in this, you have to be brought to it through sufferings; as you have to become conscious in soul and act in soul, so that you can be governed by Jesus Christ - the Highest - Who makes the contact with God all the time; and leads us through His contact, to God.  Without this, you are lost.
    In Revelation it says, "Only one hundred forty-four thousand will be saved.  Twelve thousand from each tribe, " which means a spiritual tribe that has overcome flesh . . . We carry a tribe with us of twelve senses which brings out twelve thousand vibrations.  So we must learn about the tribe within us; and we must start by becoming nothing.  What is nothing?  It is something to become empty of self - nothing of self.
    2.  The Law of Peace starts in four stages, in mind, spirit, heart and in soul; so unitl you have given up self to Jesus, you will get nowhere.  Just to practice a religion is not a sacrifice of self.  You cannot sacrifice yourself just to your religion - if you do not make the contact with Jesus . . .