Excerpt page 45 from:  Star of the Future Heralds Future
by Dr. Josephine C. Trust

Eighth Lesson
Desert Mineral - Rose Quartz Stone

This beautiful stone has an Aura of pink, and is all a light pink, and gives a sound like a harp. At times, even looking at it gives you a happiness, and is also used for jewelry. This stone has the pink color of a rose.
All stones of mountain sand have their language of vibration like people and animals, trees and vegetables. The sound can only be studied by their vibration. The twelve desert stones have also their twelve mineral values like the body twelve minerals; but they are of a different substance and Atom; for their Auras prove it.
The greatest step is the laying of a foundation upon which all future development must be built. We know that having a job gives us a sense of security and also an independence.
The desert shows us the peace and independence by doing her job in holding her atmosphere pure—as the earth is virgin land. Even wild animals, snakes, trees that are
poisonous will not trifle long, as the sand, storms and the water flood purify the mother earth. The same with the earthquakes that come out of the earth to throw away the dark vibration, and the great eruptions of fire and lava we see coming out of the mountains.
This rose stone has a mineral that spreads out the harmony and peace that is felt for miles. The pink vibration lays over the ground and the travelers feel it and like to rest by that mountain which shines in the sun with its beautiful pink like a rose. Even the unhappy past, the suffering one forgets. The Creator of all life has given mineral to the stones.
Even in the petrified woods you feel the life of many thousands of years; and even though that tree has turned to stone, you see the bird nest and the birds in it turned to stone. Nothing dies. Everything lives – even the stone – through the Power of God; not man’s.