Excerpt page 6 from:  Miracle Woman's Secret
by Dr. Josephine C. Trust

A New Secret Doctrine Comes to Light

  This new scientific Discovery will benefit all humanity. There has never been anything like It before in the history of the world. This Secret new scientific Teaching which revolutionizes scientific thinking, is now given by the Scientist to all creeds and is open to all.
  Through this Teaching, your whole life will change – from darkness to light – and will open up the soul faculties to the Superet Doctrine through this Superet Atom Aura Scientist - Founder, who traveled through Europe, England, Berlin, Russia, Jerusalem, Egypt, France, teaching this new Science, with facts proving through the many healings of all kinds of diseases, and miracles, and was called 25 years ago, the “Miracle Woman.”
  Dr. Trust found the Light of the Spiritual Radium development through the Human Atoms at the same time Madame Curie found the Radium of the earth – also through the Atom; but both Atoms of nature differ. Again, we see that an humble Jewish scientist found the secret of breaking up the nature Atoms which started the Atom Bomb. All these are great discoveries of different Light Atoms by women scientists.
  The sun light contributes life health to the world which is all through the Light of the nature Atoms. We see the mother nature healing, helping and creating everywhere, but how little we study God’s Wondrous Light, Who said, “Let there be light” within us.
  Dr. Trust told us a little story in Her lecture to the Aura Class for instructors, of the proof of the rose’s Aura being photographed: Facts show the truth of this. You can see the mist or Aura on that picture of the rose which is seen plainly just like you can see the steam coming up from a running horse. For this is only the body or material Aura; but the spiritual Aura can only be developed by human beings – not animals, flowers, vegetables – trees or minerals. To develop the spiritual Aura is different than the body Aura. Do not miss the free class where you can learn to see the Aura, of how we can develop the Aura within to see the Light that even you can feel it, smell it, give it out or hold it in your Atoms that have been purified, chemicalized and spiritualized, and by the Superet Law – and only by this Law. This miracle will be performed by no other law which everyone can do if they use this Superet Law.
  Learn harmony. In the harmony vibration you will feel and draw the Superet Light Beam Vibration. The “secret” you must use to have no disturbance – even if you should have a sickness, a disturbance - is to hold your mind and heart without fear and disturbance.  If a thought steals in of disturbance, throw it out at once with the Superet Laws.  Keep repeating it until the mind has become free . . .