Excerpt page 7 from:  Light of the World
by Dr. Josephine C. Trust


    This Superet Doctrine will give you a little idea of the secret teachings of Jesus Christ, the Gospel of Light, which He gave to His Disciples.  Some of it is given here in this book.  The Superet Book, with the teachings of Jesus Christ’s Laws of the Superet Doctrine, you can receive from the Superet Church.
    The Superet Doctrine shows you the way to God through Jesus Christ.  Many people only know God as a word.  The only way to get consciousness of God is through Jesus Christ.  You ask “Why?”  Because He is the symbol of the perfect man without self-interest.  No other but a perfect being could have spoken with such authority or given such plain teaching of highest truth; therefore, to approach God, we must contact His Intermediary, Jesus Christ.  Until we do this we will be misled by other powers who set themselves up as intermediaries of Jesus Christ, diverting us from the true path of the Light in Jesus Christ, to other so-called ways of life which do not connect to the real Jesus Christ with God, His Father.
    For God is not self-sought.  Self desires a god, like self to excuse the weakness of self.  Therefore, we need Jesus Christ as an example of the unself, an intermediary between us and God, His Father.  For until we recognize Jesus Christ in His rightful place, His Father is not ours.  We are only children of God through Jesus Christ.  He can lift us above the animal.  How?  We must pray to God only in the Name of Jesus Christ and acknowledge God through Jesus Christ as they are One.  But the Name of Jesus is the Intermediary that transforms our prayer into Light which is a positive approach to God as Jesus takes our prayer and turns it into Light.  Your prayer is only words, ...