Excerpt page 6 from:  Lessons of the Inner Light
by Dr. Josephine C. Trust


  When the heart is pure, and two or three are gathered together in one place, and all are sincere and closely in touch with the Father, He can remove mountains.  Mountains of sorrow and worry and tribulations.  These are the mountains He meant when He said:  "Come unto Me all ye who are heavy laden and I will give you rest."  He meant that He would give us peace, and that would be done by raising our vibrations, dying of our desires, and overcoming flesh.

  John the Baptist was a burning light for a season, and Christ spoke of him with approval.  We are here on this planet for a season, and must become a burning light also, and become lamps filled with Christ's oil.

  Let God settle the problems of others, instead of trying to take them on your own shoulders.  If we manage other people's affairs, we are really doing them an injustice; for we deprive them of their chance to grow and develop for themselves.  We really stand between God and them.  They can and do learn from you many times, but you must stand aside and let God's light shine through you onto them.  In that way you can help without injury to them.

  Everything in the Universe is subject to order; and rightly so.  Our life can be compared to a crowded city street with traffic coming and going both ways, and under the control of a policeman.  If we suddenly decided to disregard order and push our vehicle through the on-coming line, we would meet with an accident.