Excerpt page 80 from:  Key to Success
by Dr. Josephine C. Trust

Why We Eat, Drink, Breathe Colors

The colorful world speaks the language in colors to us to fill our twelve senses with color. As we live in this planet, we must be in a perfect order in our atoms auras – which means proving our atoms by their auras to see if we are working in a perfect order in light and not in darkness. And as the atoms in the atmosphere we breathe are life-giving, we must no longer stop the life-giving light force - for the soul atom is different than the body atom.
  After a long study the Scientist discovered the Atoms’ Aura and found that the light atoms differ in the positive and the negative by their auras. And as there are more negative vibrations than positive, it  has  to  be adjusted equally. As this  atom  Age starts, you  can learn how to create so to draw the Light Atoms of the positive and negative to you. This must be achieved by an unselfish vibration, the negative vibration, which women have developed more in. They’ve also developed in sentiment. Man has developed many of the positive vibrations which women lack.
  Now this vibration of unselfish love must no longer remain sentimental, but must work in the law of positive truth and justice to the Atom Law to earn the right atom within us - which must be equal — fifty negative and fifty positive atoms regardless of the female or male body to function in order with the universe law which controls the atmosphere of the planet, fifty by fifty.