Excerpt from inside front cover of:
Human Atoms Power Harnessed Prolongs Life
by Dr. Josephine C. Trust

This Scientific Discovery
All Humanity Must Use

    The Principle of Superet Science only operative for the Human Atoms: for no other Science or its laws or old and new religions, or cults, etc., can produce this Light Substance for the Human Atoms.  These Laws are positive facts which have not only proved just with healings of insanity and different diseases, but also with photographs showing this scientific evidence!
    The Atom Aura Scientist's Book of 1925 explained and predicted to world scientists of the Nature Atoms' Light Power, which has now come to light.  Now again the same Scientist after years of study is proving with the Human Atoms' Light great Power, and how they differ from the Nature Atoms' Light.  But only through the application of the Superet Science Laws the chemicals of dark atoms become changed into Light Atoms just as the laws of electricity give the electric light when applied.  No other science Laws or religion can create these scientific facts!
    Everyone can learn and earn how to create Light Atoms.  No matter of what religion, all must use this tremendous Light Power, which will change suffering and wars as nothing else could or can do - but only this Superet Science!
    Use this opportunity.  Make this your business in loving God.  But you must prove your love with your Light Atoms.