Excerpt page 5 from:  Heal Thyself with S.L.
by Dr. Josephine C. Trust

S. L. Means Superet Light

This Superet Atom Aura Science Discovery is proving the Superet Light Healings of thousands of people with Its Tremendous Healing Vibration Power.

As we also realize that our bodies need the vibration and also food for the body, so we eat the minerals in vegetables vibration; also the vitamins our bodies need. Also the water vibration which is also most important for us. For God, the Creator, saw we needed all for our body life which needs the Light alive vibrations and chemicals.

Then also, the Creator saw we as His creatures, needed not only Light for our bodies, but also Light for spirit and soul. So He gave us His Light Laws through His Son that we would learn and follow Him in obedience - which you will learn in the Superet Light Atom Aura Science to clean the Human sick Atoms, and empty them out of sickness, darkness, sin and poison, and to refill them with the substance of Light with the Superet Light Treatment of "Heal Thyself With S.L." Not only in body, but in spirit and soul to become a light bearer for God, Who has the Dynamo, Superet Light, That gives us -- if we are ready -- the healing Light for soul, spirit and body.

This Atom Age proves now with the nature Light Atoms harnessed -- the Atom Bomb. Why not our own Human Atoms harnessed for the God's Superet Light Atom Bomb to heal us, to love God, and all mankind? For all countries alike belong to God, and all humanity; and this planet is His creation - and it only can be kept up with God's Dynamo, Superet Light . . .