Excerpt page 5 from:  Childhood of Jesus
by Dr. Josephine C. Trust

From His birth to His fourteenth year

NO CHILD in history was ever so honored at birth as Jesus, for God sent His angels to proclaim His birth and prove to all people, that Jesus Christ was His only begotten Son.
    Come, little children, and read this wonderful story of Jesus when He was a baby. You all read the Bible, of course, and remember of the Holy Angel telling Mary of Jesus' coming to this world to help little children and people to come to God. When Jesus was born, you know the angels sang and the beautiful Star that was never seen before came from Heaven and overshadowed the stable. Oh! and such a poor stable too. Jesus had no other home. He was born in a very poor family. Think of it! Yet He was King of this world!
    But you see, He had to show little boys and girls how to be happy and grateful to God, even though being so poor and not having nice things and toys as some children have.
    Remember, the Bible tells of the three Kings coming to look for the New King, which was Jesus Christ. But He was the greatest of Kings, because He was God-made and the other kings were man-made. Think of the surprise of those three kings when this great brilliant Star stopped over that stable. They thought it might be a palace, for such a great King was coming to this earth. So they brought their presents and put them before His manger. And as they were praying, the shepherds were . . .