Aura Atoms Aura Reveals Secrets
Excerpt from page 1:  Atoms Aura Reveals Secrets
by Dr. Josephine C. Trust  (copyright 1945)

Atoms Aura Reveals Secrets
of Celestial White Light Nature Atoms

THE Aura Scientist can see the Aura not only of people but of animals, trees, flowers, vegetables and Atoms. This God’s given Gift was used in the study of / for all the different auras – as everything that lives has different atoms and auras of light and of darkness, good and bad, which has to be harnessed or dissolved according to the Law of Light.
  As a world traveler, traveling twice around the world and studying the different countries and people’s auras, many predictions of eight years and of twenty years ago have been witnessed by many. This great Knowledge after thirty years of study of the Aura is yours to use and to be benefited by in a short time, to become free in mind and in body, free of sickness and heartaches as you follow in the Aura Chart direction.
  This Aura Scientist is the only one in the world who specialized in the Inner Aura – not just the outer Aura – as the Inner Aura has different laws for its different substance and atoms. Since the Atomic Bomb has proven its reality you too will know that you also can form an atomic bomb within to destroy darkness.
  This secret of the Aura Science by the well known Aura Scientist whom Mr. Brisbane, the New York Editor, advertised as the greatest Aura Scientist, is now allowed to give this secret Book to the world after the war, which gives not only scientific facts but also studies of the Bible of Jesus Christ’s Words which brought forth the great secret of the Inner Aura of Light of soul – through which you will realize that this is not a money or glory scheme, but to let every human being know the truth and how to help themselves – not your way – only Jesus Christ’s Way which is the scientific Light Way of Light to God.
  Start now to be more concerned about your personal peace and welfare of your soul for here and hereafter for Eternity. This, the greatest Wisdom and Knowledge, will give you the enlightenment which only God gives through the Science and Religion of Light; for you not only study the Aura of the world and of humans, and your own, but also the Halo or Aura of Jesus Christ, which leads and is the only Way to God’s Light. He said, “Let there be light”; so we must earn light.
  Jesus’ Atom can only live in the Celestial Atom Sphere. This great secret of the Celestial Atom Findings has never been given out before because no scientist could see it – not being able to see the soul Aura. The Atom atmosphere development will come out through . . .