Excerpt page 5 from:  Ancient Canyon's Aura
by Dr. Josephine C. Trust


    There is nothing new under the sun but the understanding of things that are; and the understanding is feeble. Even though many profess to understand, there is no perfect understanding without consciousness, and without Light.
    This Superet Light Science is the development not of the mind alone, but of the super consciousness which is measured or graded by capacity of Light Vibrations - and so led in finding the new Name, Superet, in the Bible. The Lord's Words were all in Light.
   The chief requirements are first of all, a positive under-standing that God is Light, and His Heart holds the greatest Light and Dynamo which the New Name of Revelation spelled, Superet, with the Light Language, which the Light Scientist, Dr. Trust, after years' study, uncovered. And the Discovery is now coming to the world to clear the darkness, and to bring Superet Light to the hearts to cheer and bless everyone - not only in healings and personal blessings and help, but for the planet and the whole world to start the life in Light, which will draw the Superet Light from God to us in the time of need.
    Nothing can help but only God and His Superet Light, which will save the world from darkness! "Seek and ye shall find" the hidden Meaning. Only by degrees Dr. Trust could find with the gift of seeing Auras and Light from childhood, and the study of Light by degrees - as Light comes in Light Vibrations and waves to us, which we must earn also within.